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She's not allowed to be out of the house at all he says.
Potty training is a huge pain in the butt, and I feel weird training her to go on paper when she's just going to have to re-learn it to go outside so soon.

She's fine with the cone- except when she needs to itch she gets a little feisty. We have some neighborhood children that saw her once and loved petting her, but almost all of them said her face made them feel bad.

At her appointment we found out she gained 3.4 lbs since the last time she was weighed (about a week and a half before.) She got the same amount of antibiotics prescribed to her, But the vet upped her steroid meds to every day again. He also thought she was fine enough to get some worm medication.

We have to go back again on Friday and the vet said he would ask the other vet who does the vaccinations if he thinks her immune system will be good enough to handle them by next week.. (which if she get's them I can bring my dog back home. Which will be an interesting experiment- seeing how they both get along.)
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