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Originally Posted by sdc2626 View Post
Hello this is my first time posting,
Hi sdc2626, and welcome to!

Originally Posted by sdc2626 View Post
But when she was 8months or so we when away on a family trip for christmas and when we got back she was a totally different cat. She became very mean, no one but me could touch her and she became very aggressive.
How long were you gone for, and was anyone checking in on Bea during that time? Is she spayed?

Originally Posted by sdc2626 View Post
We considered declawing her, but I really didn't want to do that to her- plus i've read that it can make things worse.
Absolutely not a good idea to declaw her, so thank you for not doing it.

Originally Posted by sdc2626 View Post
Lately she won't even let me go near her, and it has been getting worse and worse. We don't want to put down a perfectly healthy cat, so what can we do?
When was the last time she was at the vet for a check-up? How do you know she's perfectly healthy? Anytime there's such a drastic change in behaviour like that, it warrants a vet visit, so that's the first place to start if you haven't already.

A few other things to try in the meantime: buy some Feliway diffusers (they emit calming cat pheromones) and put them in the rooms she uses most. If you're free-feeding her dry food, switch over to meals of a good quality wet food (you'd be surprised how much diet can affect behaviour, and a dry food diet is like feeding kids cookies and cotton candy - too much sugar!). Also, I wouldn't leave her and the dogs together unsupervised, so if you can, set her up in her own room with all her toys/bedding/food and litter boxes. Hang out with her in her room as much as you can, but don't try playing with her too much just yet. Instead, sit calmly and talk softly to her (read a book out loud even) and give her tasty treats periodically. You have to re-establish a positive bond with her. She probably senses your anxiety and it's escalating her own.

But first and foremost, get her in for a check-up!

Good luck!
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