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Originally Posted by Sabian View Post
However, in this case, the dog would have to sleep with the collar ON all night for the owner to be able to correct him at the crack of dawn. The batteries might wear out overnight and dogs should not be wearing training collars to sleep in.
I agree that generally dogs should not be sleeping with an electric collar on, but each situation is different, and in this case if the OP decides to try an electric collar she definitely would have to put it on the dog overnight. If she were to put the collar on the dog when he started fussing he would learn that the collar is correcting him, and that makes it a moot point. To this day Peewee has no idea that it is the collar making the correction, and he is one smart cookie (annoyingly so).

I bought Duracell batteries on eBay from Hong Kong. In the grocery store here they were $5 each. The collar took 2 batteries and they lasted about a week with the collar on for about 15 hours a day. On eBay they were $1 each plus a bit for shipping. I bought 25 batteries for $30 shipped, and didn't use them all up. I would suggest anyone check battery life and battery cost on a collar before buying.
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