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hi, i have just "returned from the dark abyss..." lol and read all of this thread.. I have a lab with severe allergies, to all what i really have no idea, she is now almost 11 years old, and has been a battle for a long time, when her allergies flare up she will always come down with a yeast infection, especially in here ears..

I was wondering seen as you have tried so many options with her diet if you have considered if her allergies is environmental? one of the things that cause a severe flare up in my lab is metal, metal clasp on collar, metal food dish. one walk with a collar with any metal on it and weeks of suffering follow! eating out of a metal dish causes her nose to turn pink and hair to fall out..

I am just wondering if this is an option to explore? anything in her environment both indoors and outdoors.

I have found my dog does best when i know what goes in her, wheat and soy are huge no no's! So i feed her raw meat from animals that i buy from friends and orijen dog food is ok.

Good luck, i have been there and i know exactly how you feel. At times i felt very cruel wakling a dog that had hair loss and sometimes weeping sores and the look we would get, but for years we struggled through it. She still will flare up at times, but is a happy comfortable dog and so I will continue to do everything I can for her.

Also i know they did a skin scraping but was any form of dermatitis considered? perhaps it is a skin issue that needs topical treatment? good luck from the bottom of my heart!
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