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Crating is a good idea BUT he will still make noise & bark. If you can ignore him for the entire time without saying a word or getting up it should work. He may be a tenacious little bugger and keep it up for hours. Depends on your patience.

I have absolutely no issue using an e-collar, as long as the user has been trained properly. I have used it on several dogs with success. However, in this case, the dog would have to sleep with the collar ON all night for the owner to be able to correct him at the crack of dawn. The batteries might wear out overnight and dogs should not be wearing training collars to sleep in.

Try the crate - it will only work if you are prepared to put up alot of fuss on the part of the dog. It may also make the dog anxious if he is already so inclined.

What I like about the collar correction is that is immediate and sends a very clear message - "CUT IT OUT NOW!" Yes, you have to get up and clip on the leash, but it can't be helped. As long as the dog gets nothing when you get up (no talk, no touch, nothing) it will work.

Good luck with whichever method you choose.
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