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I would be inclined to crate the dog at night until the issue is solved. I would also be inclined to use an electric shock collar (with strength dial and remote, so you control how strong it is and when it shocks) because the moment you pop up out of bed to correct the dog he still thinks he's winning because you got up. The correct time to give him a correction with the collar is when he is just starting to get worked up - before he starts barking. Don't forget to use a command like "quiet" or "settle" or "enough" before using the collar, but be careful to not become repetitive with the command.

Of course I will get flamed for the suggestion of an electric collar because "oh my that is so awful". We have a small electric collar for Peewee (he's a Chihuahua) that is adjusted accordingly, just high enough to get a reaction from him (I can barely feel it). He used to be very jumpy and would get really worked up and yappy which would cause him to stress himself right out. The electric collar has made a world of difference (snapped him out of it), and has made him much calmer. He doesn't have to wear it anymore as he understands "enough" means I have it under control, and he will just lay down and relax now when I say the word. When used as a training tool rather than a punishment device it can really help to snap a dog out of their obsession.

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A dog will do whatever he can to get what he wants. If you have EVER got up when he starts with this behaviour, even to yell at him, he has succeded. If you have ignored him for a while and then got up out of sheer frustration, you have taught him to try HARDER and LONGER.
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