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Originally Posted by Sharkieismydawg View Post
I have a 10 wk old kitten and unfortunately he bites all the time and even scratches and bites my face... After a little searching on the Internet i found an article on a website that says if you push down on their tounge after they bite you, it will help them get the point that you will bite back. So far it has worked he bites me less and less.
Dear Sharkieismydawg, I have a 3 month old rescue kitten who would bite my hands, legs and feet constantly! I was desperate today to find an answer on how to stop it so I went online and found your post about pushing down on the tongue. I tried it and it worked!!! My kitten has not bitten me all day. I only had to do it 3 times and after that, Mittens remembered I am so happy you shared that.
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