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Wow. Thanks for posting this. I have been following the story about drug shortages, but didn't even think to make the connection to pet medications as well.

What worries me most is this line - "Dr. Uschi Craigdallie with the Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic said she is most concerned about shortages of anti-seizure medications and opiods for old pets" - as, of course, I have a dog that is on two anti-seizure medications at the moment.

We have had them compounded in the past, but I do wonder if this is going to be harder to have done as the demand rises for compounding services due to the shortage. Will pharmacists refuse to fill pet prescriptions? I guess we'll have to see how far it goes. Compounding is also a lot more expensive.

Oh well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'll be paying closer attention to any developments now. Thanks again for posting.
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