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The vet said it was a normal symptom and didn't seem worried about it.
She just had another one pop last night that she'd had for about 4 days.
She didn't notice it at all but since a large amount of liquid was expelled my boyfriend and I got a little freaked out. More freaked out than the dog!

The omega 3 and omega 6 suppliments sound like such a good idea!
Her muzzle is finally starting to scab over now that she's in the cone. But there is no sign of hair growth yet and her poor little face is all dry.
I think we should continue to put neosporin on it to reduce the scarring but my boyfriend thinks it'll just moisten it and make it worse or itchier. Any thoughts on what would be best?

She's down to 1/4 of a steroid pill every other day now and antibiotics every other day. Her next appointment is friday so cross your fingers for us!

I'm a little worried that she's still not allowed outside and it might delay her potty training or that she won't be as socialized with dogs or children etc since we didn't start her early.
However--- I'm usually a worry wart.
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