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Well Roxy is still having gland issues. She scoots once every fews days or maybe once a week, but after she scoots she reeks like anal gland juice and so does the whole room. The house was starting to smell funny so I got the carpets shampooed and the house smells better...makes me think the scooting was the smell. This is disgusting, and I'm fed up. She smells so bad I don't want her around me, but then I feel bad.

I've given up on diet changes...nothing works. She's on Acana Wild Prairie and Platinum Performance supplement. She gets some plain yogurt everyday (this doesn't seem to help nor hinder). I can control her rash by spraying a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar on her paws once a day. Even going back to her old diet didn't clear things up 100%. She always has a runny nose that she kind of blows all the time. Something around her head stinks...not her mouth, not her ears, maybe her nose? That's gross too. Her skin stinks. I've changed shampoos, I've changed laundry detergent (even going to just washing soda), I've changed 5 different foods.

Raw food is way too would cost me at least $200 a month to feed her raw food. More if I wanted to buy prepared raw foods. She eats 4 cups a day of the Acana Wild Prairie. I'm tired of this...I just want a non-stinky, happy dog.
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