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Hello again, Boeriemore -

I'm glad that you found my post helpful and it gives you a few more options to consider. However, adriennerosen may have a point... even if she was responding to a old post by someone else. Have you gone for an MRI? We saved up and did an MRI on our Keely, that's how we know it is most likely epilepsy. She didn't have any swelling in the brain and there was no noticeable tumor or brain damage. They also did a CSF test - spinal tap - at the same time and nothing showed up on that one either. Even though we didn't really get any answers from it, we feel better going the medication route when we know that there's not another underlying problem that needs to be addressed in her brain. Of course there is no way to know if we're doing the right thing, but the success with zonisamide is certainly making it seem that way.

Good luck to you & keep us updated on what your vet suggests next!

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