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Fostering/maybe adopting a cat

I am considering fostering a cat from the Humane Society, and possibly adopting if it works out. The cat has lived in a walk in cage with other cats for six years, so she gets along well with other cats. I have seven cats, and they get along pretty good with each other. When I brought a new cat into the house, it was always a stray, which I would keep confined in a room for a couple of weeks, have him vet checked to make sure it was okay to let him with the rest of the cats. We moved and now live in a house that has the litter boxes in the basement, and the cats have access through a doggie door. My question is, should I confine this cat in a room for awhile, and if I do, , when I do let her loose in the house how will she know where the litter boxes are? I think I should take her in the basement and let her loose there, and see what happens. Is that too risky to expose all the cats at once to her?
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