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We were able to bring Kitty home today She does NOT like her cone but she seems to be adjusting to it. I bought a Comfy Cone for her but unless/until she gets this plastic cone off, we are not going to attempt to use it. We're afraid if we take off the cone she's wearing we won't be able to get the new one on. I went to the pet store to look at thunder shirts to see if I could use one of those instead of the cone. But, I need it to cover her whole tummy and it didn't look like it would.

We took all the regular height tables out of the living room so she wouldn't be trying to jump on them. My husband built her some nice wide steps with boxes so that she can get on a low end table that we put in front of the window for her. He also brought her favorite desk chair in the living room and positioned it so she can go directly from her window perch to the chair seat without jumping. Of course, she doesn't want to do it the easy way! She has a get appetite. She ate her amoxicillin pill that we put in her food with no issue. We just have to keep an eye on her in the coming days because in the first 2-7 after surgery is when there could be problems with the interior sutures
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