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need a dog psychologist

First, an update, it's been awhile since I been in here. Life with Rudy is great, he's a fanatstic buddy. He trained well, and no issues. Had him fixed, and it really settled him into routine and normality, and he doesn't hump the cactus plants without thinking first anymore.

Anyway, he's doing something for the last couple months I can't figure. At night (he's sleeps with us in our bed), my wife goes to bed and I generally stay up a hour or so past. When it's time to go down for the night, I let him out for a final pee, and off I go.

Usually lately, he hangs back for a second. I say, "Rudy, let's go", and then he starts to search for something to take to bed with him. Not any specifc toy or anything, it just doesn't matter, a sock, a kid's toy, a facecloth from the laundry bin, a shoe, anything that he can get his teeth into. He drags whatever he finds into the bedroom, drops it and jumps up into the bed and forgets whatever it was he dragged in.

I mean, what's the point?????

It's funny as heck, but what's in that mind?

Also, just lately he stopped lifting the leg and went back into the lean forward squat to pee, like when he was a pup. He isn't hurt or favoring a leg or anything, and runs a mile a minute so I know it isn't medical, he just decided one day to stop lifting and start leaning. He's been fixed for months, so I'm not sure that it's just not that he cares to mark anymore.

So, what's your opinion on his brain waves?
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