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Thank you so much everyone for taking time out of your day to offer me some comfort! Rgeurts, I will definitely check to see if we have a holistic vet. Thank you for that suggestion.

Kitty came through her surgery great today! The surgeon said the mass was kind of in the junction between the small and the large intestine. So she had to remove that junction and then a little bit of the small intestine and a little bit of the colon. She said that Kitty will have diarrhea for a couple weeks as her body adjusts to that change. Because the surgery wound up having to involve the colon, the risk of there being an infection went up. There were 3-4 enlarged lymph nodes in the area of the mass and she was able to remove them all. They took the spleen out but she said it did not appear to be cancerous. She said there was "granulation" in the liver but she did not seem to be concerned about it. I'm just going to wait for the biopsies they took of other organs to come back before I start worrying about what that means for her liver. I'm enjoying the first stress free night in over a week.

She hopes that Kitty will be back eating her regular food by the time she leaves there on Saturday.
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