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Hello lovepet, and welcome to the board

I have no advice for you, becuase I am dealing with the same thing and have not figured out how to get him to stop lol

I have a 91 lb Malamute that just turned 2 at the end of Feb. He has done this since he was very young. As soon as he sees the sunlight (or any hint of it!), he is up scratching at the bed. If we ignore him he will start whining very softly, then winds up to howling. If we continue to ignore it he will jump on the bed. If we still continue to ignore him, he will stand over the top of me, drop with his full weight and whine some more while pawing at my HEAD

We spoke with our vet who laughed. He said if I had told him that Nookie didn't want to get up in the morning, he would worry. He said that he is a young dog with energy and when he wakes up, he thinks we should wake up to, and that's ok! I disagree... it's not ok lol... I want to sleep in on the weekends

What my hubby and I do now is take turns. Saturday, I get up with the monster and Sunday, daddy gets up with him. If you do find a way to curb it, please let me know!! And good luck
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