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Ridge had a case of adult folliculitis, quite similar to puppy strangles. It took a couple of months before we could free her of the cone. She was on pain meds and antibiotics (no steroids) from early Jan of 2008 until mid-March. We were told at the time that it's not unusual to need 12 wks of antibiotics to clear it up so it may just be a matter of patience to let things work. Is your vet concerned that she's still getting the lumps along her back?

As for the scarring, here's a picture of Ridge at the first outbreak on 1-8-08:
Name:  Folliculitis 6 1-8-08 p.m..jpg
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Again after almost a month had gone by and the healing had begun in earnest 2-2-08:
Name:  Folliculitis 23 2-2-08.jpg
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And how she looked last October. You can see that she healed quite well and the hair pretty much all grew back. Unless you look very closely, you don't really notice the pitting.
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We bolstered Ridge's immune system with an omega-3 / omega-6 supplement (we used Lipiderm--it comes in oil form and you just drizzle the proper amount over their food). The omega-6 oils work on the immune system while the omega-3 oils helped condition her skin. She no longer takes it except in winter (when all our dogs are on it to prevent dry skin) and seems to be doing just fine.

Did you see the link luckypenny posted above?

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
I found this informative article...I'll post the link here in case you haven't seen it yet. I thought the mention of Glucosamine to be important.
It might answer a few more of your questions.
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