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The first two or three days worked wonders.
Her eyes cleared right up, her ears are lightening up, she gained weight very fast. She was afraid of walking and after the first day of meds we had her starting to walk and the second day she was running.
We have been going to the vet almost weekly- and he's lowered her steroid dosage.
She's gotten a big belly (which I read was a side effect of the medication). Her lymph nodes got more swollen but are a little bit smaller each day.
We did have to buy her a cone to keep her from scratching her face while it is healing up or rubbing the neosporin off.
She still has quite an ear infection.
-When I worry about most is the lumps that keep forming on her back. She gets one or two new ones every day (about the size of a quarter but round) and at least one pops every day.
She doesn't seem to feel these which is good.
I also worry about her face not growing hair back where her scarring is. I haven't found any pictures of grown dogs that had scarring when they were a puppy.. and it looks pretty bad. There's no hair around her mouth or muzzle and barely any on the top of her nose. And now there's not much hair around her eyes either.

I also don't know how long it's going to take the condition as a whole to heal, or how careful I'm going to have to be with her while she's older (since her immune system is weaker) compared to other dogs.
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