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This sounds like a relatively recent behavior change, yes? And it's not a simple 'hey, that's annoying, stop it' bite, but what seems like a full attack? Aside from the excellent advice already offered, I would also suggest getting him into the vet to see if he's sick or injured. for instance, my sister's cat Camaro had a double ear infection that no one had spotted, and he tended for the longest time to be something of a trouble maker - a little bitey, although no full attacks, and he tended to pee outside the litter boxes. She finally got tired of trying to figure it out, and took him to the vet to demand a full work up. infections found, meds, given, and voila! the biting and urinating completely stopped. animals react to injury and illness differently than we do, and this may be your baby's way of saying 'hey, I don't feel good'.
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