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glad it worked!


Well i'm glad the catnip toy works for your cat!
One of my cats, Airell, would not let go of me even in the shower...she would hop in with me when she was a kitten, it wasn't that she was lonely, (as she had her 2 brothers and her sister to keep her company, as well as her mother and my other cats Elphin and Tonali), it was just that she was REALLY attached to me and could not ''let go''...
I found that giving her a catnip toy did the trick. Airell is now almost 2 years old and dosn't need the catnip toy any more,but it was a great help when she was a kitten.

Helper to:
Cookie July 1st 1999 f/ RIP July 31st 2008 -cat
Tonali June 3rd 2007 f -cat
Elphin April 21st 2008 m -cat
Stibule(Gino,Airell,Katla,Rasta)June 6th 2009 f- cat
Gino Ferrero April 8th 2010 m -cat
Airell Awenn Awnfenn Ep Berrth April 8th 2010 f- cat
Katla Chilam Balam April 8th 2010 f- cat
Rasta Farian Marley April 9th 2010 m- cat
Chipcat-Filou found June 12th 2011 (Ocicat 6months old) f-cat
Jane the Snow Cat rescued Dec27th 2012 f- cat

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