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Princess Stinky-bottom

Hey guys, quick question: Boo is a bit of a stinky pants. I keep her fur around her backside trimmed, so there's no poo getting into it, but she still always smells like poo around her backside. Not so much fun when you consider she sleeps on the pillow beside my head. And as you can imagine, we're both not fond of me washing her bottom every few days. She just doesn't seem to bathe that part of her! I've seen her washing every other part of herself, but not her butt. Is there a way I can get her to start doing that? Or, alternatively, is there some kind of baby wipe that I could use safely on her rear to help eliminate that odor without the mutual trauma of butt-bathing? I know Gizmo went through a brief phase where he didn't wash his rear, but a few midnight bottom baths seem to have cured him of that. I don't even have to trim his fur, he keeps himself so neatly groomed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by us both.
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