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Originally Posted by kmarieking View Post
Now that I've updated you all (because I know you all care *so* much), I am going to go ahead and close my account here as this was not the type of "support" I was hoping for.
I too am sorry to see you go. I thought you handled yourself with perfect grace, poise, and class.

There are people on this forum who breed their animals, although they are definitely in the minority. I think the response you got was due to the fact that you sound like you are new to pet ownership and people wanted to chime in on something that they thought you should consider.

Everyone's thinking emerges from the experiences that they have had to date. Many of us have spent small fortunes and years of our lives trying to care for ferals as best we can and regularly pull animals out of shelters a day before they are about to be killed. So please don't judge the respondents too harshly. Everyone in the world sees the world through the filter of what we have been through to date.
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