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Lindapalm, the Eastern Rosella is the smaller of the two ,28 - 33cm, compared to the Crimson's 35 - 38cm. Now this is taken from my bird book. Voice of the Eastern is "Bell-like 'pee-pity, pee-pity' on one note. High ' clink, clink' in flight". Quite unobtrusive really. The Crimson on the other hand is "Brassy 'kweek, kweek' in flight, 'p-link, p-link'; bell-like whistle, perched" . That bell-like chiming call is very nice, but the 'kweek, kweek' is noisy, one flew by just before I started this.
We also get heaps of smaller, pretty birds like Red-Rumped parrots, Musk Lorikeets and Purple Crowned Lorikeets, and just the occassional Rainbow Lorikeet. The really noisy ones though are the ever present Galahs, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Long Billed Corellas. Big flocks of them that come in to drink at our dam and spend the nights in our trees so they can wake us up at dawn, screeching . When it rains after a long dry spell they go nuts, Hanging upside down from branches, wings spread out for a chance to bath, flying madly in all directions, you can easily see how they are loving it.
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