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Hi Jetera!! So glad that you were able to find my thread. My dog, Keely, is currently doing very well on the Zonisamide. She'll be three months seizure free on Monday (), which is the best period of seizure control that we've had since she's been three months old. She's nearly two right now. She hasn't had a seizure since two days after she started the Zonisamide.

We haven't had any problems getting the medication. Our vet sends in the prescriptions to Diamondback Drugs in Arizona, then they call us to confirm, get a credit card number, etc. They are shipped by FedEx and FedEx calls us to confirm when they have reached Canada. We pay them approximately $11 plus taxes to get them cleared through customs, but you can do this yourself if you want. Either way, you'll need a copy of the prescription. We can get only a three month supply at a time, but that has been okay for us thus far.

For us, the Keppra did not work very well. Keely had a two month "honeymoon period" where she had no seizures when she first started taking it and, then, her seizures started to increase to one a week - the worst it ever was. We decided to stop the Keppra and start the Zonisamide. We've been extremely pleased. No side effects that we can tell and the cost has been manageable. Meanwhile, our dog is only eight pounds... Hahaha.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm glad to be able to compare notes with someone, honestly!
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