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Once again, I appreciate what everyone is saying about spaying and neutering, but I didn't come here to discuss that. I came to discuss how to stop a cat from howling in the middle of the night. I really don't appreciate feeling attacked or like I am the bad guy, getting thrown the unnecessary sarcasm like I'm not smart enough to "get it" when the bottom line is my cat has not sired any kittens, my cat does not have physical access to any females to sire kittens at this time, and what my fiance and I choose to do as pet owners shouldn't be attacked on a thread that isn't even about that. I guess in your eyes I'm still a monster, though.

My neighbor will probably take in the stray once she has her kittens (as long as she can get the stray acclimated to her dog and other cat), and she also knows some people who may be willing to adopt the kittens once they are old enough to be weaned. So there's the good news for you. Now that I've updated you all (because I know you all care *so* much), I am going to go ahead and close my account here as this was not the type of "support" I was hoping for.
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