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Another thing that really bothers me is that everyone around here is so desensitized to gun shots ALL year long because we skeet shoot a LOT in our back field.
I feel that since we are always firing guns off people hear one and just think its us again. But its never one or two shots, when we go out skeet shooting this lasts hours, of continuous shooting.
The OPP officer looked at the pile of shells sitting outside my door in a bucket, I know for a split second she thought it was the right place till I explained the skeet launcher right beside the bucket and offered her to come in and take which ever gun was believed responsible for this dogs injuries to test and check it, they hadn't been fired in 4 days at that point, she had no interest in that, I guess our pail of shells weren't even a close match.
I'm so bothered though, maybe if we didn't shoot so much people would actually be concerned when they hear guns going off.
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