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I'm so sick over all of this... I haven't really slept since. I know this sort of thing happens every day all over the world, but when it is happening in your back yard literally, it really turns a stomach even that much more.
Dog owners around me have a VERY hard time with a particular person here who allows dogs on their property for a while then decides no more and stops with the treats and insists that they stay away... there have been many threats that dogs will get shot, said person even told an OPP officer once " if that dog comes here again I will shoot it" yet nothing gets done when this stuff happens.
This particular case is a bit different than the others, it was shot a bit further down the quiet vacant road than usual and apparently it was believed the dog was tied and shot but it makes no sense to me, how did it get untied and allowed to run up and down the road ending up kms away from the scene?
I don't feel in my heart that this was the same person that has caused so much grief out here, that or for some reason I don't want to think it could be. I don't know what I feel right now, I expressed my concerns and showed the OPP officer all of my dogs ( as they were up in the living room at the time) and explained to her that I absolute fear my dogs ever escaping, the officer said to me " you shouldn't have to live with that fear" and I said until one person has guns removed from their home I will.
That person and their henchman have driven by here 4 times today, very out of the ordinary. And I saw the one person and was given the most evil skin crawly grin ever. I wanted to punch said person in the face as hard as I could but just kept walking as this time around I don't feel it is them with 100% certainty.
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