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I was messaged about the dog shortly after it had happened and he was spotted by the school bus. I was off at my dog sledding friends house at the time and when I got home and got the message ( half hour after the fact) I took a drive, it happened less than a km from my house. This is the fifth dog in this exact area to be shot, the police know about them all, they have spanned over the past 4 years that I have been here.
I spoke with the OPP and asked if the dog was found when I went out to look for him and she said yes and that the SPCA was on its way, there was plenty of people there taking care of the situation so I did not go over, I couldn't bear to see it.
An OPP officer later came to the house and asked me a bunch of questions and if the dog was mine (different officer than I had spoken to previously) I took her on a tour of the property and the extreme lengths we go to to ensure my dogs never go down the hill to never return (location where all these dogs have been shot) Buddy the dog in the news, is the third to survive, 2 have died on the side of the road.
This is NOT an isolated case here, by far.
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