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Great post as always, 14+

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post

As for this stray pregnant cat keeping yours up all night. IF his testosterone wasn't kicking in quite as much as it is with a female around then chances are he would not be acting the way he is. Intact males always react a lot more so to other cats than do altered males. It is NOT her fault she is in the situation she is. Most likely her callous owner put her outside when she was in heat so they could sleep at night without listening to her howls. Once they figured she was pregnant they weren't about to let her back in. Why do the responsible thing after all?

If this one leaves, there will be another one to take her place and the howling will continue as long as the male is not neutered. It has been my experience that the smell of cats attracts strays and there is nothing smellier than un-neutered male urine.
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