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The Hermitage Cat Shelter is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization supported entirely by donations. We are dedicated to the shelter, protection, and care of homeless cats, especially those that are often not considered adoptable by other organizations. We are both an adoption facility and long-term sanctuary for those felines who are “adoption-challenged.” including felines who are FIV or FeLV-positive, and other types of chronic health issues. All of our kitties roam free within 8,000 sq ft of outdoor/indoor living space.

HOPE is where the heart is
Welcome to HOPE Animal Shelter located in Tucson, Arizona. We are Tucson's only no-kill, community based haven for abandoned dogs and cats awaiting adoption. We believe that all animals deserve gentle care, respect, dignity and a loving home. HOPE Animal Shelter is a non-profit, mostly all-volunteer, 501(c)(3). We appreciate our volunteers and all who have donated materials and funds over the years. We couldn't do it without you. Please help support our cause.

About Our Rescue Group
FAIR's Vision
To promote quality adoptions and improve lives for animals and their families until there are no more homeless pets in Pima County.

FAIR's Mission
The Foundation for Animals in Risk is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization that is committed to:
* rescuing animals from kill shelters and finding them permanent homes;

* alleviating the suffering of animals caused by neglect, cruelty, and ignorance;

* educating the community about responsible pet ownership through our youth and adult volunteer programs;

* working cooperatively with reputable animal welfare groups in activities including, but not limited to, spay and neuter programs; and

* aiding law enforcement's efforts to investigate and prosecute crimes of animal cruelty.

Please contact one of these places to help with the pregnant stray before she has her kittens.

Here are some reasons to neuter your cat:

Behavioral advantages of neutering

Decreased Aggression: The (male) androgen hormones, of which testosterone is the most important, are responsible for the development of many behavioral patterns. Testosterone greatly affects aggression in cats. One of the most important behavioral advantages of castration is that as adults, these neutered cats will tend to be less aggressive toward other cats.

Decreased Spraying: Spraying urine is a normal sexual behavior of uncastrated male tomcats. Anyone who has smelled tomcat urine will quickly agree that spraying is a very unwanted behavior. Some unspayed and spayed females, and some castrated males, will spray, but it is much more common in unneutered males.

Decreased Roaming: Another behavioral advantage of neutering is that neutered cats are much less likely to react when they sense a female in heat. Male cats can sense females in heat through pheromones. These are airborne chemical attractants that are liberated from the female when she is cycling. They travel through the air for great distances. Male cats neutered at an early age will generally not sense or respond to pheromones, and would certainly be less stressed and tend to stay home if they are outdoor cats.

Medical Advantages

There are numerous behavioral and medical benefits to neutering your cat.
Reduced Injuries: The biggest medical advantage to neutering cats is really related to their behavior. Unneutered male cats fight to defend their territory. Such fights can be extremely serious, as abscesses often develop from the bite wounds. The veterinarians at the Drs. Foster and Smith Veterinary Medical Facility have seen many tomcats who are missing parts of their ears and tails, or have faces with multiple scars resulting from the fights they had with other toms. Indoor, neutered cats lead much healthier and longer lives.
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