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Recipe they might like

Our Maggie Moo recently had gone into kidney failure and the poor thing suffered for several weeks before it was diagnosed. It just wasn't on the vet radar because her kidney values had been checked not too long ago. Fortunately, she responded very well to three days of fluids in the hospital and is getting S/Q daily at home until her next recheck Friday.

We already practically cooked for her because she was so fussy that we always had to doctor up her previous prescription kibble so that she would eat. We learned the things that she loves and the things that she likes. I have found the site one of the most valuable out of the hundreds I have been to searching for information on what she needs now.

Maggie is not any where near hunger strike mode now, but what I made her tonight she absolutely loved. Since she is eating, my big concern is to keep her phosphorous in check. She is approximately 60 pounds so based on keeping her phosphorous intake at 15 to possibly 20 mg per pound, I made the following today and it has been her absolute favorite. I figured she could have about the equivalent of 3/8 cup of cooked ground beef per day as long as the rest of the food didn't go overboard on phosphorous.

Ground beef cooked with parsley
pureed carrot and a bit of broccoli
cut fideo (she always loved pasta)

I put a little bit of butter on the fideo before mixing it in and added some of the pasta water to the ground beef pan and then mixed everything together. She absolutely loved this meal, which is a good thing because I prepared enough to feed her for the next 3 days. Prior to this recipe I was having to put concentrated chicken broth into anything she ate, which was concerning because of the sodium.
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