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What are you going to do if he starts spraying that wonderfully smelling un-neutered male feline urine that will stink up your home so fast you won't know what hit you?
I hadn't thought of that

If he starts spraying his "scent" around, you'll never get that out. That is a very, very, VERY big reason to neuter a male ASAP.

I'm not a cat person, only (?) have 3 (right now! ), but can some of the cat people help address this question-- if she does want to have kittens that are just like the father cat, how likely is it to be a success?

I've only had one litter (pregnant stray had 3 kittens in the middle of my bedroom floor once) and none of the 3 kittens were anything like the mother personality-wise, and were/are all very different from each other as well. I assume the odds of passing on the personality from the father are even less. What is everyone else's experience with this?

As for looks, I always think about the cloned cats that, even though they are CLONES, look nothing like the "parent". The news stories at the time said that the coloration patterns expressed themselves in very different ways even among 100% exact gene clones-- a huge disappointment to the people who were hoping that cloning would give them an exact replica of a beloved pet they had lost.

So unless the cat is a purebred with a distinct, unmistakable look (Russian blue mated with another Russian blue, American shorthair mated with another AmeShort), it is really a bit of a crap shoot, no? Kind of thinking aloud here, but what is everyone's experience with that?
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