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Stray cat keeps mine agitated and meowing all night- Help!

I am the proud mommy of a non-neutered adult male cat. We think he is around two years old, but we're not sure. He was a stray that we took in over a year ago and he has the most amazing personality of any pet I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is a strictly indoor cat and we do not want to neuter him, as we've decided we may want to breed him one day so we can have more cats with his striking look and loving demeanor. He hasn't displayed any behavioral problems whatsoever until recently.

A couple of weeks ago I met a beautiful pregnant female cat who is a stray here in my complex. I cannot adopt her (she's met my cat twice and they do NOT get along, she's quite mean to him even though he is a perfect gentleman), but I still feed her and give her water whenever I see her. Now she follows me home and will come to my balcony in the middle of the night when she is hungry. I am happy to feed her.

The problem is, she hangs out on my balcony at all hours of the night and my cat goes CRAZY meowing and howling whenever she's outside. I cannot stop her from getting onto the balcony. I also cannot stop my cat from screaming whenever she's around, and I am losing so much sleep over this behavior I don't know what to do. I've tried keeping him in my bedroom with me so he can't see her on the balcony, but my bedroom door doesn't have a lock and he's clever enough to open it within a few minutes. I close the blinds in the living room but he'll still jump in the window and see her. The only other room with a door is the bathroom, but it's far too tiny to lock him, his litter box, and his food and water bowls in there for 8 hours a night.

Usually when I wake up to him howling I'll shout "Shhh!" and he will stop, but a few minutes later he's back at it. I've read that responding to his behavior will only increase it, and I can't afford to make things worse. He gets so loud that I am afraid my neighbors hear him in the middle of the night, and I don't want to cause problems with my living situation. He only screams like after meals until I pick up his dirty dinner plate (yes, I am his maid and he knows it), and when he sees this stray cat outside. I actually don't mind when he screams at me from the other room to let me know he's done eating, but he'll go on for hours in the middle of the night and I'm at my wit's end. On the nights she doesn't come to the balcony he doesn't meow or howl at all, but lately she's been coming around a lot. Please, if you've got any advice on how to quiet him down when he sees this stray outside, let me know.

Interestingly, there have been a couple of times during the day when I open the front door with the stray outside and my boy inside (only when I'm able stand right next to him and supervise him closely). He'll sniff the air around her but he doesn't try to go after her in any way. In fact I think he's a bit afraid of her, as she's growled at him a few times before. He just likes to sniff around the door where her scent is. Help!
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