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Dog food

I feed both my dogs Solid Gold, Wolf King. It has been about 6 weeks and their fur is beautiful and soft as silk. They were eating Royal Canin, Natural Blend before and while they had nice coats it was nothing like it is now. I didn't notice their stools were any larger however I do know someone who feeds this to her dogs and she said that the stools were smellier. I haven't noticed this so it may depend on the dog.
A few years ago I tried feeding Nutro, Natural Choice to my dogs and saw disastrous results. My younger girl developed a beautiful coat but she and my older dog began vomiting bile daily usually around the same time each day. I tried e-mailing the company for advice and all they could tell me was to feed more often or more food. After a few months of trying different things I gave up. I put them back on their old food and the vomiting stopped immediately. I have switched their foods twice since then and have never had a problem again.
A few people I know have had problems with Innova. Although an excellent food some dogs have a problem with it as it is very rich.
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