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Keeping informed is the journey to good health and a healthy outlook, pbpatti, so I am on a life quest for knowledge. has a lot of good ideas to offer. I have my favourite sites together and am determined to check them more regularly. Health, literary, politics, philosophy/spiritual, and general education about sums it up. Dogs hits about five out of five of these studies.

I think back on my life with dogs and my movement from commercial dry food, to homemade, to BARF and wonder how I could have thought I was right ever time. Yes, I provided what I thought was the best quality at the time but how do we really know? How do we really know our doctor or veterinarian is the best one around with the best knowledge and our best interests at heart. They probably are as well informed as they can be for the time, just as I was as well informed as I could be at the time I was thinking as I was. But commercial, dry as sand packaged meal, as animal fit? Now that takes a special disregard for the obvious.

The trick to clearer thinking is getting out of the box of the times, and thinking beyond assumed norms. Some actions and thoughts are just plain crazy for what they are. Anything that has to be advertised ad nauseam using bad spelling like frebreze, swiffer, and Charmin must be suspect. I've never ever seen lint on anyone's bum before and why a bear would want to use toilet paper is beyond thinking straight. And dirt talking and dreaming of being picked up by a mop, such foolishness needs to remain in the head of the nuts who think such things up. Obvious they do no pass the Sheldon test and were not tested for sanity by their mothers.

So, what one thinks is best on Monday may be seen as irrational by Wednesday. The realisation of an irrational thought is a wake up call to all reality: how ever could I have thought that business companies selling dried dog food had anything other than visions of dollars danced in their heads?

And so my journey continues. Is BARF, as it is generally presented, the best diet for my dog? And is it one, or is it two meals a day? How about BARF grazing, is that the ultimate dog diet? My dog doesn't take a step in any direction when at least one eye is not on the lookout for something edible. It is her relentless quest, no matter how full her stomach may be, no matter how soon after her last gorged at the dog bowl? Is a wolf in the wild ever satisfied or is it always sniffing the undergrowth for a choice piece of animal, god-knows-what, or vegetable left over? Sure sums up my Sadie.
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