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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
I am so glad that you found a dog food that is tolerated.

If it's yeast, often an anti-fungal is needed, and there might be a secondary bacterial infection. So tough going this alone. Is there anyway, even if you have to travel several hours for an initial visit, that you can find a derm in the area?
Unfortunately no. I have 2 vets here with one not wanting to bother anymore with helping, and the other is a livestock vet who only treats farm animals such as horses, cows, and such.

I swear I try, and try, but it just feels like I'm fighting a losing battle. At the moment she seems to not be getting any worse, but nowhere near any better either. Now she has allot of flaking dandruf, and still continues to scratch, and chew. Should I increase the baths to every day? Is there an over the counter something I can get for yeast infections?
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