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^ you have to do that too when you have to put them own in cargo. Oddly enough the dog herself doesn't have to go through any kind of a scanner.

It does make the experience that much more stressful.

I have seen the restrictions with the carrier be more stringent. When I first flew her with AC a couple of years ago, they almost didn't let us on the plane. She had plenty of room to stand up and turn around but they were stuck on that half foot clearance. After some hemming and hawing, they finally let us through.

On the flipside to that I flew home last xmas and there was a lady with a dog who looked bigger than mine, and she not only took it on the plane, but also took it out of it's carrier and had it up on a middle seat until just before landing. Dog was aggressive too (snapped and barked at me when I walked past them in the airport). No one said a word to her.
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