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I have the tool myself cmt but I think I'll keep it for woodworking one of it's intended use!

The head of the rotary bit still spins whether or not you apply pressure so it still can injure. A good example is slipping while on a piece of wood it causes indentation or burn marks.

Can I ask why you want to use this tool and not a regular clipper and file? They work just as well if you have the correct type. The only reason clippers wouldnt' work is if you got the wrong type for your dogs nails. Some work better with smaller / larger breeds.

I would also worry about the vibration the RPM's would cause on the nail bed, weakening it. Not to mention the undo stress it would cause the dog.

I dont get my nails done professionally because those tools do wear out the natural thickness of your nail by buffing them so thin they break. The only thing is they put so much polish and filler on that it seems like your own nails are hard but they aren't.
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