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Thanks for the bedtime snack tip! makes a lot sense. Will definitely follow it!

Rainbow wakes me up at 4:30am with loud howling lately, and I haven't seen him goes in and out without pee. And he doesn't howl every time go peeing either. Though I am a bit of concern if it's a sign of UTI. last night, I went downstairs to check him, he was done with #2, just standing in the middle of the room howling, then stopped when he saw me. I took him to get blood pressure test, and got avg BP of 120. The tech says it's very good. I feel somewhat relief.

I have switched to canned food for a couple of weeks, and feed them By Nature Organic I just received last night. They seem consuming no more than a can each per day, though per feeding instruction, it’s only for a cat weight of 6-8 lb, so I assume they need to eat at least one and half can to gain weight. Is that right calculation? I wonder if because I add too much of water, make them eat less than they could otherwise. What would a normal healthy average cat eats?
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