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Originally Posted by sandyrivers View Post
that said that the ''pine-sol''type of floor cleaner could be harmfull to my cats, if they walk on the floor before it is completly dry...because it is a phenol based product.
Not only that, but just inhaling the fumes from phenolic products (lysol, detol, pinesol, etc) can also be deadly to cats. And they aren't good for people either:

Originally Posted by sandyrivers View Post
I was just wondering if anyone has other ''home made'' alternatives that could be safer or better for the health of my cats.
I second the vinegar recommendation. Cheap, effective, and SAFE! Also baking soda works well, and those micro-fibre cloths.

Originally Posted by sandyrivers View Post
Could it be that the adverse effects can take a long time to do their damage?
Yup. The toxic effects to the liver can be cummulative and you wouldn't necessarily see any symptoms until there's a significant amount of damage.

Glad to hear that you're considering safer alternatives!
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