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your cat in heat


My cat Tonali is the only cat I have that is not sterelised, she has a heart murmur, had an echo done, and according to the vet, putting her under to operate her would be a 50-50 chance...
So I have to put up with her being in heat 4 times per year...
Her heat periods last between 10 to 15 days...
Yes it can be annoying, but when it happens, i try to play with her more than usual, but she is not that interested. I find that brushing her helps a bit; she is long haired and enjoys it. She also calms down when i sit with her and lay guitar and sing softly to her, if you are not a musician, perhaps some soft soothing classical music could help?
Since your cat will be sterelised soon, it is only a matter of time.

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