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Floor cleaners and pet health


I was wondering about floor cleaners and the possible adverse effects on cats, (or pets in general).
I read an article on ''wikipedia'' yesterday that said that the ''pine-sol''type of floor cleaner could be harmfull to my cats, if they walk on the floor before it is completly dry...because it is a phenol based product.
I found this article by typing ''cat'' in wikipedia, and it is in the section about poisoning...
Has any one ever heard of this?
I always used 'pine-sol' to clean my floors, and usually add a bit of javex water to it, I mop every other day.
I was just wondering if anyone has other ''home made'' alternatives that could be safer or better for the health of my cats.
I am on a budget, so I cannot afford some 20$ bottle of cleaner, so any home made alternatives are welcomed.
I have 8 cats and like to clean often, so that there are no smells in my place. So far, there has never been any!
I know there are some ecological products out there, but I also heard the contain enzymes that can be really harmfull to pets if they lick themselves after walking on the floor, so I always avoided them; they are not cheap either!
My oldest cat is 5 years old, and my youngests are turning 2 in April, so far, none of my cats seem to have any problems with this, and they do walk on the floor while it is still wet.
No one ever vomites or had loose stools, except for the occasional fur ball regurgitation, which only happens with my 3 long haired cats (Tonali, Gino and Airell).
Could it be that the adverse effects can take a long time to do their damage?
Perhaps it can damage internal organs slowly...
Could it be that the damage will be done and it would be too late when the symptoms appear?

Please help on this question, I am now very concerned about this issue, and would like to know your opinions and advice.

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