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I have the same problem with my dog too. I have a 15 years old Black Miniature Schnauzer. He had the same exact movement as your dog... So it was time to take the shot for the vaccination so i went and told my vet. They checked up on him and say that he had less then a year to live.... He is now 15years old and still lives but have the same problem... when my vet told me i lost half of my life... this baby of mine has less time to live and i didn't have much time to spend with him because my uncle was fighting cancer... But as days go by he sleeps a lot, drink a lot and some time he runs around like a puppy .... so i was like what in the world was my vet thinking .... my Pocky is still alive after they told me he only have a less then a year to live.... that time i was so stress out my uncle is about to die and now my Pocky is leaving .... i could not stand the pain and sadness.... Sad thing my uncle passed away but thankfully my dog is living more than a year and still lives.... That made up my life so baldy.... still trying to find a cure but i think i'm going to try pedialyte where a lot of site says its good... I can't trust vets anymore because my vet that told me those word was a good vet in USA so the only hope is the internet, talking to the owner of a pet they love and truly understand how they see there own pet suffer and trying to find the cure is the best vet i think i can ever find!!!
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