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Exclamation Warning: My COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Experiences with bones!

Please, with respect, read about MY personal experiences with bones.

Bone Rules for my pup:

Rule #1: NEVER feed cooked bones. Yes you can't get away with it but this is where bones splinter.
(EDIT: I've never tried the cook/oven technique as I feed a raw meaty bone/prey model diet. My dog has an industrial strength rubber bone that he can chew on when I'm not around)

Rule #2 Always feed uncooked bones but NEVER FEED LOAD BEARING bones such as large cattle marrow bones, leg bones from elk or cattle, etc. This is in my experience and as it harmed my dog or wore his teeth down.

My dog got ahold of a load bearing elk bone and broke a tooth off on it while "chewing" on it. Luckily it was sheered clean off and closed naturally with no infection.

I've found no problem whatsoever with raw bones that are not load bearing YET you have to be careful for bone obstruction. I don't feed my aussie collie anything drumstick size because of this. I would say his favorite is ribrack as of now. He absolutely loves pulling the meat from the bones and crunch, crunch, crunching through them.

All dogs are different so please use common sense in regards to being the BEST companion your dog could ever ask for.


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