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Thanks for resurrecting this thread. Super interesting to hear everyone's experiences.

I have been thinking about adopting a MinPin with a bad eye (about to be surgically removed) who is over 10 years old, and therefore not easily adopted out. I have a number of blind dogs, so one working eye actually gives her a strategic advantage over several in my house.

From the comments above, I'm thinking that a MinPin, even an older one, might be a little too energetic for us. That said, the rescue group says that this one appears to have never gone out for a walk because she freaks at being put on lead.

Could someone explain more about the comment above:
[q] They MUST be leashed always out doors, not a dog for a dog park. [/q]

Could someone explain why they can't be left outside off lead?

Also interested in the "not a dog for a dog park" aspect, but more interested in why they can't do fully-fenced in yards.
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