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Twecent - thank you so much for all the information. I will try to locate these books to educate myself. As for fish oil, my boy has T4 2.2 in a grey area for a 15 years old, and I got the impression that I should avoid fish due to hyerthroidism. Maybe wild salmon oil is ok for him? I have him and his brother both on Wellness turkey, chicken canned varieties right now, and looked up their dry version, not for feeding but for exercise, since I have been letting them chase dry food as way of exercise, of course I will be extremely careful with it.

Growler Ė I am so sorry you lost Duffy, and I am sure I will get to know you and Duffy so much more and will get a lot of inspirations from it. I tried a little bit of raw chicken meat, and they both ate. So this might be a good option for the future. I met my vet yesterday and he wants me to give Rainbow food low in phos and sodium, low in protein but high quality protein and let him eat as much as he wants for a month to see if he will put on some weight, and do another blood test. He didnít give me any meds, and said Rainbow is in early stage and said he is concerned of his T4 number as well. We will get a T4 test next time. He is ok with Wellness and By Nature Organic I choose to feed them.

BTW. Rainbow seems improved somewhat, not sitting up all the time. I tried to break their meals to small portions and feed through the day when I am home in hope that they can retain water better this way.

Thanks again,
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