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To address your concerns, I actually tried it on myself first to make sure there would be no damage. I am content that a "slip" will not cause damage since it does not grind unless you are applying downward pressure while it is grinding. Also, the tool uses a sandpaper like disc which is not sharp, more like a rotating disposable nail file.

The tool is not disimilar to the one used if you are having artificial nails done (and I do know that when I have had artificial nails my nail tech did slip on occassion and I didn't have any skin damage - more of a shock than anything! )

Dee, you have now guilted me to continue my conditioning instead of side stepping the issue. Oliver is not too bad about his nails (and he is only 16.5 pounds right now so I can still just hold him in my lap to do them) but he is a Shiba, which is a breed that is famous for hating to have their nails done by conventional methods. All of the Shiba groups that I belong to are huge advocates of the Dremel and have nothing but praises for it. Supposedly dogs that scream when you get within 20 feet of them with nail clippers (did I mention that Shibas have huge temper tantrums at times??) will relax and allow their owners to do their nails with the Dremel

I'll let you know - but I must warn that I am going away this week so the conditioning will have to wait...... Lucky Oliver!

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