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We had a cat with kidney disease. She lived with it for a few years. I found the following info very helpful and feel it gave our cat more years and a better quality of life. It also gave me courage to advocate on our cat's behalf:

I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins book, "Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life" (So glad it's recommended by Dr. Lisa Pierson on

Dr. Hodgkins recommends this site about kidney disease:

Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center,

"If your cat has just been diagnosed with CRF and you're frightened, confused and overwhelmed, click the Help button for a quick overview of what to do NOW and how to use this site to your cat's best advantage."

Little Big has info on conventional and holistic treatment, by Dr. Jean Hofve. I would refer to Dr. Hodgkin's info as well.

When I asked my vet about milk thistle, she wasn't sure. She looked it up and was surprised by some new studies. I think it might be considered mainstream treatment for both liver and kidney diseases now.

I used to give part of a tablet inside an empty gel cap combined with some other medications to try to minimize the number of pills I had to give.

"Milk Thistle A Wonder Herb?",
by Dr. Jean Hofve

"Immune System Health and Anti-Aging",

There is also "TANYA'S COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FELINE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE" site. They have a support group on Yahoo,

Always check with your vet to have them look up medications and dosages suitable for your cat.

Fish oil is recommended, though my vet said wild salmon oil, not cod liver oil. Too much fish oil can cause depleted levels of vitamin K.

Dr. Pierson has helpful info on getting cats to transition to new foods on

If your cat likes Parmesan cheese but you're worried about the salt, you might try colostrum capsules instead; cats seem to find it irresistable. Non-dairy colostrum may also be available.

Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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