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Keeping a positive outlook..

Hey everybody, and my condolences to those here who have lost their loved ones..

I'm here because my best friend Buddy recently had a really bad nose bleed (I think).

I woke up yesterday morning to a knock at the door, somebody I was going to do some drywall repairs for that I had completely forgotten about..

During my frantic search for my house keys I noticed a red substance that had run down the side of my bed. My first thoughts were my other dog "Girl" and the fact that she is not fixed.

Since I was half asleep at the moment and in no condition to be dealing with an unknown red stain on my bed, I decided to put it off until I got back from Home Depot.

When I returned I confirmed that it was indeed blood, I checked both of my dogs for any wounds or bloodiness and found nothing. I also checked my female dog to see if she was in heat, and as far as I could tell she wasn't.

The amount of blood was probably about a half ounce and still red after being out for about 3 hours. It also seemed to be mixed with some other slimy substance. After cleaning up the mess with some oxyclean I couldn't think of anything else to do.

I kept my female dog outside or in her kennel just in case she was in heat.. The next morning I woke up and found more blood. This time it was much more diluted than before and not nearly as much. I was pretty sure that the first blood stain was right where my Buddy was sleeping the night before and he was making a lot of nasal noises that night so I checked him over again. I still couldn't find any wounds, so I checked his nose with some toilet paper and sure enough, there was a small amount of blood on the tissue.

Buddy has a history of seizure-like "dizzy fits" so I became very worried and searched the internet to find this post. Of course after reading just one or two pages I started to become even more worried and teared up..

I decided it was VERY important to take him to the vet, but like many people here, I don't have a whole lot of money available. I called my roommate's dad who owns his daughter's house where I'm staying and was having me do some drywall patching and he was very generous to offer me $100 payment in advance.

I had already set up an appointment with the vet at 5pm (this was today) in hopes that I would be able to come up with the money, so I showed up there at the vets office at 4:30 cash-in-hand.

I explained to the vet that I've had Buddy for at least 3 years now and that he's had these dizzy fits since the first week I got him, probably before that. The fits usually happen 2-3 times in one week and then they stop for several months at a time, often they occur after he eats something that he was not supposed to eat, especially pizza crusts. When he's having his fits, he has trouble standing, walks crooked, and at their peak he can't stand up, like he's having vertigo and his eyes move with his body, sometimes they move back and forth (like somebody who has just been spun around a few times). They usually last under 5 minutes, never more than 10. When the fits subside he seems perfectly healthy and happy. I also told him that he was having these inverted sneezing attacks 3-5 times a day for about a week and they stopped about 4 days ago.

The vet gave him a thorough look-over, checked his heart rate and and breathing, he checked Buddy's temperature and got a good look inside his ears and nose.

He seemed perfectly healthy during the visit and wasn't bleeding at all, so I sat down and asked some questions and gave him my opinion. I told him that I thought it was highly unlikely Buddy's dizzy fits could be caused by a tumor, since most dogs with cancer don't live (almost) perfectly healthy lives for over 3 years and he agreed with me on that point.

He said he had never heard of dogs having vertigo due to dietary issues but said he would do some research for me. He said that the cause could be a lot of things; allergies, sinus or respiratory infection or cancer, liver issues etc..

I'm going to take him in to do blood tests as soon as I can come up with another $160 or $240. The $160 will cover all of the blood tests except for protein and platelet tests, and another $80 to test for the remaining possible blood issues. Also they're going to waive the $45 office visit for the next time we come in.

Until I can afford to to have the tests done, I'm going to keep a positive outlook. I hope and pray that it's something that can be treated for a reasonable amount of money. If he does indeed have the death sentence known as cancer, I will cherish his remaining days.. probably cry for a few days, and hold on to all of the good memories for the rest of my life.

No matter what happens, I will be thankful for all of the good times and comfort that Buddy has given me. Unfortunately, we all have to say goodbye to our pets sooner or later, I knew and accepted that fact since the day I rescued him from his previous owner in northern Idaho.

I was spending some time up in Priest River Idaho, visiting my uncle and my dad. Their friends/roomates had adopted Buddy (previously known as Gopher) from the no-kill animal shelter in Sandpoint ID. He nipped at the owner's wife after getting smacked for urinating in the house, so the owner kept him tied up next to a dog house out back. Buddy, being the affectionate dog that he is, spent most of his waking hours yipping and crying for attention.

The owner made plans to take Buddy and his rifle out into the pasture and be done with him.. I was getting ready to leave town and head to Las Vegas NV to visit my mom for the holidays when I heard what he had decided to do.. So I told the previous owner that I would take the dog with me and give him a good home.

Since then Buddy and I have traveled all over the western states. Nevada, California, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Texas... Buddy has been there with me through all of the good times and the bad. Almost 100,000 miles of road, hundreds of friends, family, total strangers, at least 50 towns and cities, several campsite parties, bars, rivers, lakes, forests, and mountains have all been gifted by our presence. We've probably peed on fence posts, fire hydrants, trees and bushes in all of the states we've passed through . Without Buddy, I would have been all alone in my adventures and my feet would have been cold many nights without him there to warm them...

It's sad to admit, but when the day finally comes when I have to say goodbye to him forever, it will be the saddest day of my life. I don't think there is anything worse that could ever happen in my life.. If I were to die and go to hell, my worst punishment would be to relive his final day for eternity...

So today, I'm asking you to pray to your god(s) or deity(s) of preference, wish Buddy luck, or cast every protection spell in your book for his health and happiness.. my happiness..

Thank you,

Kevin Hyatt
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