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When we got her she was only 5 weeks old. My friend had her mom, who was in heat and was crying all the time so she was in a rush to find her a new home. I kept telling her to keep her there a little longer, shes too young but she ignored me. She had the mom maybe 4 weeks before she gave her away, broke my heart. Especially to see her get another kitten a month or 2 after she got rid of her!

Anyway, shes always been vocal. She would cry to be fed, to be played with or whatever. As she got older she started to run into the back of my house and just let out loud cries, and it slowly started getting to the point where she would wake us up. We figured she was just in heat. (she started it about a month before she was fixed)

She was fixed in December and had a rough time with it. The vet gave her some medicine to sedate her while she was at home and she drooled and threw up all over herself. I thought she was going to die!! I took her in and she got a shot and some medicine and it went away within a few days.

Then about 3 weeks ago, she decided she was going to go into the back bedroom and let out loud meow at the ceiling fan and just kept going! I took her out of the room and shut the door and that didn't stop her. She goes into the bathroom with me when I take a shower and she gets on the toilet and stares up at the wall and lets out a cry. Her new favorite spot is to sit in my kitchen and let it all out. She's even started laying in the middle of my living room and just meowing as loud as possible!

I've tried recording her but she knows what a camera is and has to pose lol. I did manage to get her where she was behind me and crying but it wasn't very loud, I can try to upload that on here some how.

I would get her a friend, but I'm not even really supposed to have her So not only is she super loud but she's going to get me in trouble I play with her all the time, she really loves fetch but mommy doesnt lol She has all the toys you can imagine, her diet hasn't changed. I'm thinking she might have a sensitive stomach like her mom, so I'm going to try to switch foods.

Shes extremely picky when it comes to food, she will only eat Fancy Feast wet food in the pink box. She's getting tired of that, but she refuses to eat dry food unless I don't wake up to feed her. She was great on dry food until my vet forced me to feed her a "special diet" because "I feed her too much"??! Now she refuses to go near it

I've had lots of cats before but she is just so loud lol. Shes completely different than the rest, she doesn't like to be pet. She likes to lay in wet bath tubs, loves my humidifier (I tell her shes clearing her nose) I just can't for the life of me figure out whats wrong.

Before her spay, I told them about her breathing heavy and the meowing before she goes to the bathroom. They listened to her and didn't say anything was weird about her breathing and pretty much told me if shes not crying when shes in the litter box then shes fine. She has no problems going to the bathroom, her poop smells horrible but I've read that any cat on Fancy Feast can lay some nasty stink bombs lol.

Not sure what else to include, but if anybody thinks of anything that I missed let me know
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